Artist Statement

Woodblock printmaking is a process with many steps. Original drawings are reversed, multiple blocks carved, then printed in relief on press or by hand. Mine is a haptic process, with knife strokes in the carved block as individual as my drawings and handwriting. My work explores the duality of combining the hand-drawn and hand-carved with the mechanism and multiplicity of printed output.

Nature is an informing source in my prints: nature as devotional image, nature as my elemental truth, nature for its space and rhythms and lived moments. Inspired by a childhood divided between rural Southern California and the coast of Maine, I am drawn to a close-up view of nature, focusing on compact scenes and smaller moments. Close-up scenes invite me to come inside, where the inherent tensions in ordinary life will slip away; divided attentions are unified in a single focus. Duality, for the moment, is at repose. The material I carve – wood, itself is a product of nature –is an appropriate companion for this examination.

I work both in western-style printing, on press using dry paper with oil or water-based inks, and in Japanese moku-hanga, printing by hand on wet paper with water-based pigments. I use exclusively hand-made Japanese paper (washi) and my printing press is a Takach Press.